Friday, August 14, 2015

13 Weeks of Summer: Week 8

Even though school is starting back again, and it may seem like summer is over, it is not. You still have long summer days to enjoy adventures with your dog.  

Week 8: Get Prepping

Ever heard of SCART - SoCal Animal Response Team? SCART is an organization that responds to animal needs and assist other agencies during a disaster or crisis. They also work to educate the public on disaster preparedness and animal abuse.  This Saturday, August 15th, SCART is hosting their 10thAnnual Pet Fair; an Emergency Preparedness Fair for Pets and People. This event will host several disaster information vendors, food trucks, and raffles. And while they ask that you have your pets stay home for this event, you can still attend the fair, get the useful information, and then return home to get prepared with the help of your dog.  

Ways to let your dog help you get prepared:

1.       Put an emergency pack together (one for humans and one for pets).  This may require a special trip to the dog store, which your dog would love.
2.       Come up with an emergency evacuation plan that includes a couple of safe places.  Safe places may include a boarding facility for your dog (in case you have to go to a shelter that doesn’t allow pets), a friend or family member in another city, and a dog-friendly hotel in another city, county or even state.

3.       Practice that emergency evacuation with your dog.  The more familiar he/she is with your escape route, the easier it will be to evacuate in a stressful situation.