Thursday, April 7, 2016

Beating the Rainy Day Blues

With rain in the forecast, you may find your dog feeling a little pent up. Especially if he or she refuses to go out in the rain.  

Here are a few simple solutions to avoiding the rainy day blues for your dog:

Food Puzzle – You may consider ditching the customary food bowl and give him a puzzle feeder in\stead.  This will keep him distracted for a bit while stimulating his mind. 

Obstacle Course – Build an obstacle course around the house (or in 1 room) and help your dog jump, crawl, and wiggle their way around for treats.  No need for fancy equipment.  Put a broom stick across two chairs, where he can jump over or crawl under.  Have him weave between stacks of books. Whatever you build or create, make sure it’s making him think a little.  

Hide & Seek – Always a favorite game for dogs because it involves you and treats.  And it’s a good lesson in recall.  Have your dog wait in one room while you hide in another.  Call his name and see if he can find you.  A treat for him when he does! (You may need help having someone to stay with him a room while you hide)

Doga – If you want to bring a little Zen into your lives, while you listen to the sound of rain outside, you can do yoga with your dog. Check out for videos on how to incorporate your pup in your yoga routine. 

Treadmill – If you have a treadmill laying around, that you swear you’re going to use again one day, now is the time to do so. If your dog is already used to walking on a treadmill, great! You have it easy, and your dog will thank you for the much needed exercise.  If you have never walked your dog on a treadmill, check out this tutorial video, or look for a training video that works best for you.

Dog daycare – Of course, Dachs 2 Danes dog daycare is an option. They get to play all day with other dogs, while getting minimally wet, and you get to enjoy the benefits of a tired dog at night. So you can go home and curl up in a blanket with a book. Ii's a win-win!