Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Little Extra Love for Specially-abled Pets

National Disabled Pets day, more recently known as National Specially-abled Pets Day, is recognized annually on May 3rd to celebrate the amazing and heroic disabled pets all over the U.S.  From your neighborhood to the news, you have most likely encountered a disabled or specially-abled dog at some point in your life; but have you ever stopped to marvel at the creatures who carry on with life as though nothing were amiss?  A romantic comedy released in 2010 called The Back-Up Plan, starring Jennifer Lopez, gave the world a glimpse of what life is like with a dog in a wheelchair.  Nubbins, the Boston terrier dog, played the role of Nuts, Jennifer’s specially-abled dog, and showed us that life is pretty normal as a dog and as an animal actor.  Despite what we might tell ourselves, dogs don’t dwell on missing limbs or non-functioning senses.  Instead, they continue to live their lives to the fullest as if nothing were holding them back.  They don’t ask for your pity. They don't give up on life, thinking, “I’m broken. I’m not as good as the other dogs anymore.” They continue to see themselves as a dog, nothing more, nothing less, which is why they deserve to be recognized for their inspiration, courage, and strong spirits that continue to shine despite any physical hindrance. 

“Pets that become challenged due to disease, birth flaws, or injuries tend to develop greater senses than your average pet.  Most of the time it’s as if they never had to readjust to life…and we need to keep up with them! ” –Colleen Paige, Founder of National Special-abled Pets Day.

There are a lot of disabled pets up for adoption that too often get overlooked because of their outer appearance or supposed physical limitations.  Whether it’s a missing eye, deafness, or missing legs, those dogs still deserve the chance to enjoy a happy and normal life.  So, the next time you or anyone you know thinks of adopting a dog, consider giving these talented specially-abled dogs a chance to inspire you, surprise you, and love you.

“I have no eyes to see you. I have no ears to hear you. I have no legs to run to you. But what I do have is plenty of Love.” –Colleen Paige.

If you are looking to adopt, please consider:
                        Rolling Dog Ranch (Animal Sanctuary) 

If you have a specially-abled pet, check out these groups for further support:



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