Friday, July 1, 2011

4th of July with your dog

Fourth of July falls on a Monday this year, which means a 3-day weekend for many people.  What are you planning to do this weekend? Go for a road trip? Go to the river? Go out to the desert or down to the beach?  Long weekends are usually a time for families to be outdoors which presents a great opportunity to include the dog in your outdoor activities.
If you’re staying in town on Monday, and would like something festive to do with your pup, Corona will be holding their annual parade down Main Street.  At 10 a.m. the parade will start at Main and Ontario Street and end at Olive, so be sure to get there early with your pup for the best seat on the street.  And while Riverside will not be having a parade, Redlands, Menifee, Ontario, Fontana, San Jacinto, and Temecula will be having a one.  Not to mention, several other cities will be having picnics and additional entertainment for families before their fireworks show.  Check out InlandEmpire.US for more information on the celebrations taking place on your end of town.  
FIREWORKS ALERT! Before you leave for the night to enjoy fireworks, make sure your dog is taken care of.  Most, if not all dogs, hate loud and startling noises; and fireworks are at the top of that list.  Fireworks can make the perfect dog turn into the most neurotic dog you’ve ever seen.  To help keep your dog’s sanity and your property in tack I suggest the following:  
1.       Make sure your dog is inside the house before leaving for the night.  If you have an outside dog, then put them in the garage (after the sun goes down so they don’t suffer a heat stoke).  If your dog is allowed inside the house, put them in a room furthest from where you think the firework noise will be coming from (for example, if the fireworks show is at a local school just east of your house then put your dog in the furthest room to the west).
2.       Turn on soothing music.  Classical music is best in my opinion, but anything will do as long as it isn’t angry or harsh music that would cause your dog further anxiety. (FYI: the classical FM station is 91.5). You don’t want to turn the volume all the way up, making your dog deaf or causing more anxiety, but make it loud enough to distract them from outside noises.
No matter what you decide to do this holiday weekend, please keep your dog’s health, happiness, and safety in mind.  Don’t become a statistic.  If you take them to the river, please remember that life jacket while on the water.  If you take them on a road trip, please remember that seat belt harness.  Lots of water, shade, and sun block will keep your dog happy and healthy as well.  Enjoy your Independence Day with your whole family, four-legged family members included!     

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