Friday, December 9, 2011

Unique Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Buying for a pet lover can be tricky because they often have everything they want or need.  Here are a few gift ideas you may not have thought of.
Get your pet lovers pet picture turned into a portrait.  Companies like turn everyday photos of a pet into a work of art fit for any wall.  Photos can be turned into a painting, modern/pop art, a photo collage, and more (including a rubik’s cube).   Send in a simple photograph and it will come back a pet portrait on canvas.  Who wouldn’t love that? 
If you have ever had to put together a search and rescue team to track down your missing dog then you can appreciate the brilliant design of Tagg - The Pet Tracker. The Tagg is designed to attach to your pets existing collar and is meant to be worn at all times, even if your dog goes swimming.  If your dog leaves his Tagg zone (set up by you) you can easily track and locate him on the Tagg Map using a computer or your smartphone.  This gift is great for anyone who has a dog notorious for getting out of the yard or running out the door. 

Ever wonder what your dog is thinking?  Well, now you don’t have to because someone did the research for you and invented a device that tells you what is on your dog’s mind.  BowLingual gives you simple translations for 6 basic emotions: Happy, Assertive, Sad, Frustrated, On-Guard, and Needy.  The translating device comes with a collar and a monitor.  The monitor will show you a face symbolizing the dog’s emotion at the moment.  That face can translate to several verbal expressions that the dog may be trying to communicate.  Unfortunately, this gift is best considered a novelty (see YouTube video) and a bit expensive at that.  Luckily, this dog translator is also available as an iphone app for free, which may be a better solution.  Download the app and start having fun translating what your dog has to say.   
Testing Bowlingual video on YouTube
Does the pet lover in your life have a mystery mutt?  Most owners who adopt dogs from the shelter have no idea how their pup came into being.  If the dog isn’t pure bred and he looks like a couple of different breeds it stirs your curiosity.  Why not get that curious pet lover a DNA testing kit for dogs?  They are available online or through your veterinarian.  Get the kit in the mail, swab the dog’s mouth, and mail the swab back to the lab.  Within weeks your test results will return and (hopefully) the mystery will be solved. 
Unique Skins can help you turn an ordinary laptop, phone, or other electronic device into a unique personalized device.  Skins are removable adhesive-backed vinyl covers used for protecting and customizing electronic devices.  You can transform the look of your cell phone, MP3 player, laptop, netbook, Bluetooth headset, gaming console, tablet, Ebook reader, external hard drive, and more by getting a personal photo turned into skin for that device.  
Surprise the pet lover in your life this year by thinking outside of the box.  And if you have some creative ideas, please share!

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