Wednesday, August 13, 2014

8th Week of Summer: Hit the Beach

As a native Californian you know that it’s possible to take the beach for granted.  But don’t let the summer pass you by without getting down to the coast at least once before the summer is over. 
This weekend, take a break from the hustle and bustle of life, and cool off in the coastal breeze as you relax on the beach with your dog.

Catch Some Rays at the Huntington Dog Beach…

One of the best places for a dog to be a dog is romping through the sand and splashing in the water at the Huntington Dog Beach.  Even if your dog doesn’t like the water, playing on the sand is a better workout for him then walking on concrete.  The dog beach can be found at the very end of Goldenwest Street in Huntington Beach (around lifeguard tower 24).  The dog beach stretches from Goldenwest Street to Seapoint Street (to the right of Goldenwest when facing the beach from PCH).  There is metered parking along PCH or free parking one to five blocks inland, among the homes.  Check out the Huntington Dog Beach website for a list of beach rules and other FAQs.  Don’t forget to bring poop bags, a towel, fresh water for your dog, and sunblock if your dog requires it.  If it is your dog’s first time at the beach don’t be afraid to take it slow.  You want his first experience to be positive so you can come back again. 

Stop for a Bite at the Park Bench Café…

After a good run at the beach, your pup should be tired.  A tired dog is a good dog so it’s the perfect time to stop in at the Park Bench Café for a bite to eat.  Located at 17732 Goldenwest Street, in Huntington Beach, the Park Bench Café is a one of a kind stop for dog lovers who want to enjoy food and the beautiful outdoors with their four-legged friends.  After you order one of their delicious menu items for yourself, be sure to get something for your dog off the dog menu.  Your pooch can get a hot dog (without the bun), chicken, ground beef, bacon, lean ground turkey, and even eggs.  Check out the Park Bench Café website for a complete menu and list of dog rules to make sure your first visit there goes smoothly.    And if you have the energy after eating, you and your pup can saunter around the beautiful surrounding park before heading home.

Or Try Something New…

While the dog beach is a great treat for your four legged friend, sometimes you just want to switch things up.  Why not try a new beach, like Balboa Pier in Newport Beach.  Just south of Huntington Beach, Newport Beach has two piers, the second being Balboa Pier on the Balboa Peninsula.  This area offers a more laid back scene where you can fish from the pier, people watching, and enjoy a bite to eat at Ruby’s Diner while looking out over the ocean.  The pier isn’t the only thing to check out either.  Simply go inland to watch boats come and go in the Newport Bay or hop on the ferry and cruise over Balboa Island for a stroll.  This is a great way to enjoy the beach without getting sandy or wet, and your pup is sure to enjoy going on this new adventure with you.

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