Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Take a Walk with your Dog on Week 12

There are walking and hiking trails in every city in Southern California. Whether you are walking a secluded mountain trail or just a path around the local park, your dog will love the experience. 

The Benefits of Walking your Dog: 

Physical Health- Exercise is good for both you and the dog.  It helps clear your mind, keeps your body in shape and your vital organs operating properly, as it does for your dog. Your body releases endorphins, which make you happy (promoting further good health), and overall, that good health will prolong the life of you and your pups.  Exercise is as essential as eating a meal and should be apart of your daily routine.

Mental Health- Just like humans, dogs require mental stimulation on a daily basis. We would go crazy if we were confined to a house all day, every day; so why are we surprised when our dog does?  Dogs need a walk to get out and engage their sense. When they receive that stimulation they aren't as anxious, pent up, or prone to cabin fever.

Socialization- Being outside of your home with your dog lets him/her meet new people and dogs in a neutral area (i.e. not your dogs "territory" to protect).  Having a dog that can get along with other dogs and behave in public is a dream come true for most people. But you have to work at it.  Regular outings will help your dog relax around strangers and new situations, making new experiences less stressful (for both of you).    

Curb Behavioral Issues- Some dogs just have so much energy they don't know what to do with themselves. But any dog can get bored, and a frustrated dog can be a destructive dog. Regular exercise gives your dog an outlet for his/her energy.  A tired dog (from exercise) is most often happy, relaxed, and well-behaved.   

Work on Training-  Your dog might listen to your commands very well at home, but once you step out of that door, you may experience a whole new dog. Being out on a walk is the prefect opportunity to work on your training commands. Its always best to ensure you have a strong "Come, Sit, Stay" rapport with your pooch in case he/she should come off leash while away from home. 

Bonding- One of the most important reasons to walk your dog is the irreplaceable bond you get from it.  If you establish yourself as the pack leader, your dog will most likely listen better and be better behaved at home and in public. He/she will look to you for guidance in all situations and, if he/she feels you are a strong leader, he/she will be less anxious, knowing that you can handle any problems that arise.  

If you are looking for a walk to enjoy with your pup this week, walk for a good cause at the 17th Annual Walk for the Animals fundraiser.

The event takes place on Sunday, September 14, 2014 in Huntington Beach Central Park from 9 a.m. to noon.

Walk for the Animals is an annual fundraising event put on by the OCSPCA.  Each year has a theme where you and your dog can dress up, and this year's theme is Western Waggin' (country).  

This is a fundraising event, so participants are encouraged to raise money before the walk. There will be a Grand Pledge prize for the person who raises the most money, as well as special prizes for anyone who raises $150 or more.  In addition to the walk, there will be contests, entertainment, a silent auction, food trucks, and more. 

Well-mannered dogs, on short leashes, are welcomed to attend, but there is a 2 dog per person limit. They ask that no dogs less than six months of age attend, and females in heat are not allowed at all. 

The walk costs $30 and kids (under 12 years old) are free.

For more de'Tails' on this event, or to pre-register, check out the OCSPCA website


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