Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Take Your Dog to Work Day

This year, Take Your Dog to Work Day is this Friday, June 26th.  Take your dog to work day was first celebrated in 1999.  It was created by Pet Sitters International to celebrate great companion dogs and to help encourage their adoption. 
Want to participate by taking your dog to work this year? Here are a few tips to help make that day a success...

6 Basic Tips for making 'Take Your Dog to Work Day' work:

1. Do an Office Check
Check with bosses and co-workers to find out and address any potential problems with bringing dogs to the office.  Be respectful of allergies, fears, and objections. 

2. Puppy-Proof your Work Space
Any office items should be out of reach from your dog.  Also be sure to remove any poisonous plants, hide electrical cords/wires, and secure any toxic items and hazardous products.

3. Be Sure Fido is Fit for Work
You only get 1 chance at a first impression.  So if you want to be able to bring your dog to work next year then you best put be ready to shine. Make sure your dog is current on vaccinations, freshly groomed, as well as friendly and sociable.  If your dog is aggressive, shy, or just not ready, that's alright. It's best to let them stay home. Maybe just bring your favorite picture of them instead.    

4. Prepare a Doggie Bag
You may want to bring items that will make your dog feel comfortable, as well as a few essentials.  You might pack food, treats, bowls, toys, a leash, paper towels, clean-up bags, and pet-safe disinfectant.  Also consider a portable crate and baby gate for your work space; for your dog's comfort and your peace of mind. 

5. Plan Feeding Times Carefully
If you are going to feed your dog while at work, plan your dog's feeding time around your work schedule to ensure a good time for potty breaks.  And choose an appropriate area for your dog to relieve himself. 

6. Avoid Forcing Co-workers to Interact with your Dog
Some co-workers may not want to meet or play with your dog.  So, be mindful and respectful of their space and time.   Also, monitor the amount and type of treats co-workers give to your dog.  Too many dog treats or consumption of human treats (like chocolate and candy) are likely to make your dog sick. 

4 Rules All Participants Should Adhere to:
1. Dogs should be kept on leash whenever outside an employee's office or cubicle.
2. Participating employees should use a baby gate to prevent dogs from leaving their office space unattended.
3. Specific areas, such as the bathroom or dining hall, should be dog-free zones.

4. Participating employees should have a back-up plan for getting their dog home or out of the office if the dog is not comfortable being there.

3 Activity Ideas to Make the Day More Festive:
1. Pet Care "Lunch & Learn"
Invite a professional pet sitter, dog trainer, vet, etc. to give a pet-care presentation during lunch. 
2. Fido Fundraiser
Host a silent auction, pet photo contest, or hot dog luncheon and donate the proceeds to a local shelter or rescue organization. 
3. Canine Contest
Hold a Best Trick, Best Outfit, or even Pet/Owner Look-a-Like contest to add fun and increase interaction among participants. 
For more information or to help you start ‘Take your dog to work Day’ in your office, visit the official website and download the TYDTWDay Action Pack

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